paul67337 asked:

I have to replace the main water shutoff valve for my house. The handle broke off while doing other repairs. It’s on a 7/8 inch copper pipe in a hole about 2 feet in the ground. I had to replace another valve in my garage, and used a single cylinder MAPP gas torch to sweat another valve, fitting and pipe together. The temp was around 10 degrees, and the torch didn’t seem to put out enough heat to allow the solder to make a complete 360 degree seal on the joint in the sweat valve the first attempt.

I have a full size oxy/acetylene welding/cutting/brazing/heating kit. It has a “rosebud” tip. Can this be used to sweat some of the larger fittings together? The little tank of MAPP gas doesn’t seem to put out enough heat for larger pipes and fittings. It seems to do fine for things 1/2 or less.

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